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Replica Oakleys sale ar the town there came a native lady on a visit, bringing with her six bright blueeyed children. As we, the elders, sat in the livingroom, sipping mate and talking, one of the youngsters, an intelligentlooking boy of nine, came in from play, and getting him by me I amused him for a while with some yarns and with talk about beasts and birds. He asked me where I lived. My home, I said, was in the Buenos Ayrean pampas, far north of Patagonia.Is it near the river, he asked, right on the bank, like this houseI explained that it was on a great, grassy, level plain, that there was no river there, and that when I went out on horseback I did not have to ride up and down a valley, but galloped away in any direction north, south, east, or west. He listened with a twinkle in his eyes, then with a merry laugh ran out again to join the others at their game. It was as if I had told him that I . Knockoff Oakleys and Cheap Oakleys for Sale ived up in a tree that grew to the clouds, or under the sea, or some such impossible thing it was nothing but a joke to him. His mother, sitting near, had been listening to us, and when the boy laughed and ran out, I remarked to her that to a child born and living always in that valley, shut in by the thorny, waterless uplands, it was, perhaps, inconceivable that in other places people could exist out of a valley and away from a river. She looked at me with a puzzled expression in her eyes, as if trying to see something mentally which her eyes had never seen trying, in fact, to create something out of nothing. She agreed with me in some hesitating words, and I felt that I had put my foot in it for only then I recalled the fact that she also had been born in the valley the greatgranddaughter of one of the original founders of the colony and was probably as incapable as the child of imagining any other conditions than those she had always been accustomed to.It struck me that the children here have a very healthy, happy life, especially those whose homes are in the narrow parts of the v